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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sister time!

Gah! I can't believe I was here 4 days before my sister and I ran together!
But we did run. And it was awesome.
I've missed it (and her) SO much!
Yesterday we ran, bumping elbows until our bodies became used to the other's presence. It was as though we were drawn together, out of missing each other, or needing physical contact.
It was one of my favorite runs. Ever.
Not because we were consistently on the verge of getting lost, not because we may or may not have stolen plucked a lemon from someone's tree and spent blocks laughing about stuffing it down out shirts. (Namely how hilarious it would look jutting out from my excuse for tits.)
It was my favorite run because it was just my sister and I. No crying kids or barking dogs. No phones or excuses. My real sister. Not the one who is always keeping her family together, smoothing wrinkles, making it all OK, (she is really good at all of these things. Sometimes annoyingly so), but the real one. The wickedly funny, irreverent, loving, smart, kind, thoughtful, warm sister that I know and love.
With every step, even as our breathing became labored, it was amazing to watch her breathe. To let go of thoughts of how she thought she "should" be and just be. 
Seeing that allowed me to breathe, too. 

This morning, when we snuck out for a run, my little sister appeared, excited and nervous at the same time. As we ran up and down streets in the early morning light, laughing (because that is what we do), telling stories, sharing memories, I was reminded a jillion times over how amazing she is as a sister, a mother, friend and all around awesome human being. (I'm sure she's great at other stuff, too, (like daughter and wife), but I know nothing of these.) And, yes, you totally want to know her.
In a few days she will have a birthday. And like a fine wine....
I hope she knows how amazing she is.
Even if she does bump my elbow.

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  1. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have a sister like you. I miss you so much already it hurts. come back now, yes? I love you my Darling. SO very much. YOU KNOW.